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Sports Card Radio began in 2008 shortly after site owners Colin & Ryan closed their hobby store, in part, because of a weak U.S. economy. Sports Card Radio was initially inspired by a Poker website, ‘Poker Road’, that featured a podcast, “Poker Road Radio.”

Poker Road chronicled the life and times of famous card players during the online poker boom. The site had a plethora of interesting characters that contributed content in the form of podcasts, videos and articles.

The sports card world may not be as captivating or as fast paced as poker players hanging out on the Las Vegas strip, but Colin & Ryan discovered there was interest in card information.

In 2009, Sports Card Radio was the first website to focus on releasing product checklists the day the set came out. Since 2010, the website has driven over $10 million in affiliate referrals to eBay. Colin & Ryan discovered you could make more money providing free information, then you could running a sports card shop.

Despite the success, Colin & Ryan have always tried to stand up for what they think is right. They’ll often call out card companies and bad characters in the hobby on their podcasts and on Twitter.

“We are loyal to our listeners and the fans of our website. Card companies have come and gone. Shady dealers are a dime a dozen. Not telling the truth to our fans would be like lying to a friend,” says site owner Ryan Tedards.

Sports Card Radio has over 10 million site visits since 2010.

The most popular day ever on the site was July 5, 2017. News broke that Dak Prescott had used an autopen to sign his Panini Prizm Football cards. The Washington Post even embedded a YouTube video made by Colin on their website.

As far as podcasts, the most downloaded show was: Show #130 5 Year Anniversary – Ripping On Razzers – E-Mail Bag + More. The show featured Colin destroying the Group Break and Razz community.

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Nick - March 9, 2018

Hi Colin,

I enjoy listening to your podcast and actually played in your NBA fantasy league a few years ago. I was wondering, for a free, would you be interested in teaching me how to develop domain names into websites to make money. I have domain names for a few athletes and would like to start making money from them. Please let me know your thoughts.


Tressa - April 4, 2019

Thanks for everything you do

Anonymous - February 24, 2021

Are there any updates to the card trimmers report? What was the outcome of their court precedents? Have these card trimmers been in jail for any length of time?

ecg - January 26, 2022

Check out this grading company Elite Card Grading. you can buy slabs directly from the owner himself https://www.ebay.com/usr/texascardhouse/ no conflict of interest going on there.

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