Top 10 Hottest Basketball Cards May 2010

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May 2010

1 – Kobe Bryant Panini Autographs – Memorabilia Cards ~ Last Month (NR)

Kobe Bryant is on fire. He struggled with injuries during the regular season, but has found a new gear for the NBA Playoffs. He finished off the Phoenix Suns in Game 6 with shots that were akin to Michael Jordan type shots. He is a true legend and will look to add to it with a Finals matchup against the Boston Celtics.

2009/10 Panini sets are loaded with Kobe autographs and memorabilia cards. Specifically, 09/10 Timeless Treasures had a lot of nice Kobe game used cards that are selling very well on eBay.

2009/10 Donruss Threads Kobe Bryant Patch

2 – Michael Jordan High End Cards ~ Last Month (3)

His autographs and game used cards are still, to this day the most watched basketball auctions on eBay. Every week. Only a late charge by Kobe knocked Jordan off the top spot. Must be his new Hanes commercials that keep the fan base coming back for more!

Exquisite Michael Jordan Patch

3 – 2009/10 Panini Timeless Treasures Basketball ~ Last Month (NR)

Released May 12, 2010 – this product has done very well on the secondary market. The most watched basketball card currently on the market is the 09-10 Timeless Treasures KOBE BRYANT Logoman Autograph 2/2.  The card has over 250 watchers, which is a significant number for a single card.

A very nice 2009/10 Panini Timeless Treasures Prime Rajon Rondo ‘Celtics Clover’ Logo Patch 1/1 sold for $208.01 in mid May.

2009/10 Timeless Treasures Kobe Bryant Rookie Patch Logoman

4 – LeBron James High End Cards ~ Last Month (4)

Before LeBron and the Cavs got bounced by the Celtics in the playoffs, LeBron’s high end stuff was really catching steam. It will be interesting to see how his free agency situation plays out, and what team he decides to join.

LeBron James Exquisite Jersey

5 – Rajon Rondo Cards ~ Last Month (NR)

Rajon Rondo has taken over the Celtics team and can be considered an elite point guard in the NBA. His outside shot is not all that great but Magic Johnson and Jason Kidd can’t shoot that well either.

Not only has Rondo’s rookie cards gotten a boost, but so have his autograph and game used cards. 09/10 Panini products had a lot of nice Rondo cards in them this year, so be sure to check those out.

2009/10 Timeless Treasures Rajon Rondo Clover Patch

6 – Kevin Durant Rookie Cards ~ Last Month (2)

The Oklahoma City Thunder played a couple nice games against the Lakers and Durant was red hot on the card scene during that time. His prices have cooled some, but he has gotten the attention of collectors and might stay on the hot list for the near future.

Kevin Durant Spx Jersey Autograph

7 – High End Kevin Garnett Cards ~ Last Month (NR)

Kevin Garnett has been off the hobby scene for a little while in large part due to his injuries the last 2 years. He has gotten healthy at the right time, and will look to capture his 2nd NBA Title in June.

Garnett’s Upper Deck Exquisite cards do not get as many watchers as Jordan and LeBron’s cards, but some of Garnett’s better cards have climbed the list as of late. A big NBA Finals from Garnett could push his cards even higher.

Kevin Garnett Exquisite Patch Autograph

8 – Derrick Rose Rookie Cards ~ Last Month (6)

People love this guy! Even before the whispers that LeBron James might sign with the Chicago Bulls, Rose’s cards started to heat up. Last month he was #6 and even though the Bulls got bounced from the playoffs, his RC cards are still selling very well.

Derrick Rose Exquisite Patch Auto

9 – Russell Westbrook Rookie Cards ~ Last Month (1)

Russell dropped in the hot list because the Thunder were not able to advance in the NBA Playoffs. He had been under the collector radar for much of his career, but opened eyes during the Playoffs.

His cards have really jumped in value, so if you are looking to pick up some of his cards, I would wait until further into the off season to take advantage of a slight price dip.

Russell Westbrook Jersey Autograph

10 – Tyreke Evans 2009/10 Rookie Cards ~ Last Month (7)

Tyreke remains on the hot list even though the Kings season is long over with. He has some real nice looking rookie cards in Timeless Treasures and National Treasures to keep his rookie card prices high.

When the new 2010/11 NBA Rookies hit the scene Tyreke’s cards should drop in price, and that would be a perfect time to get and scoop some up.

2009/10 National Treasures Tyreke Evans Patch Auto RC

Dropped Out:
Top 10 Hottest Basketball Cards April 2010

  • Deron Williams 2005/06 Rookie Cards ~ Last Month (5)
  • Stephen Curry 2009/10 Rookie Cards ~ Last Month (8)
  • Brandon Jennings 2009/10 Rookie Cards ~ Last Month (9)
  • 2009/10 Panini Adrenalyn Codes ~ Last Month (10)

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