Rick Probstein123 eBay Consignment Rates

Have some expensive sports cards you need to sell on eBay? One of the top consignment sellers on eBay is Probstein123, and they are always actively accepting cards.

Probstein123 Current eBay Auctions

Rick Probstein has been named in a class action lawsuit along with PWCC and PSA for knowingly selling trimmed sports cards. LINK

Be sure to send all your questionable, trimmed or altered cards to Probstein123. They will honor the sale unless PSA or BGS steps in. LINK

Ship Cards To:
PO Box 1079
Clifton, NJ 07014

Shockingly, there are no forms or official website for Probstein123. It's somewhat remarkable he's built a successful consignment business on eBay with very little backend. 

Contact Probstein123 directly for more information about sending cards in.

Rick Probstein

  • Phone Number: 973-747-6304
  • Email: probstein123@gmail.com
  • eBay Store: Probstein123

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kristopher - November 14, 2019

hey Mr Rick… my name is Kristopher nix im from Mobile Alabama and I work at trooper pawn and gun. I have an Alabama picture of Paul Bear Bryant and its autographed. I need to send you a picture of it and see if you can tell me if the autograph is real or what. if you could please allow me to send you the picture that would be great. thanks again and keep up your hard work

Michael Lewis - July 6, 2020

Need to have sports card sold

    Bill - August 11, 2020

    Yes, many most nmedium $20-$60, some a grade below, a few higher side. contact me

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Elio Reyes - January 17, 2021

If my card sells for 2.500 how much will I get back after all the fees. Taxes shipping etc.

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