2012 Topps Football Game Time Giveaway Codes

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2012 Topps Football Game Time Giveaway Code Card

Topps Game Time Giveaway Code Cards

Cards Found In: 2012 Topps Football

Code Cards Expire: 1/31/2013

Redeem At: www.Topps.com/GameTime

Card #NGDG-1


2012 Topps Game Time Giveaway Code Card Back


Similar to the 2012 Topps Golden Giveaway code cards found in packs of Topps Baseball, these cards are randomly inserted into Topps Football products. Each card contains a unique code you can use to enter online for a chance to win real & virtual prizes from Topps. You have until January 31st of 2013 to redeem these online for your “experiences”  – so you better not wait too long to redeem these.

When 2012 Topps Football went live in early August, most sellers on eBay were getting about $1.00 for each code card. For larger lots, you might be able to get them cheaper.

The back of the card basically says this:

This special cards will allow you to unlock a unique online experience! Celebrate the excitement of the NFL Game Time by visiting www.Topps.com/GameTime and enter the code below.

Codes can only be used one time.

  • You Can Unlock TeamTokens with your code cards
  • Once The NFL Season Starts – Predict High Scores With Your Unlocked TeamTokens
    You Can Win Prizes Like Autographed Cards
  • Each week you can play up to 5 teams – so pick the teams with the best on-field matchup.
  • Compete the entire year for chances to win autograph helmets.
  • Some cards unlock special cards immediately.

Unlock Special Die-Cut CardsPredict High Scores To Win Autographs

2012 Topps Game Time Giveaway Brandon Weeden Die-Cut Card2012 Topps Game Time David Wilson Die-Cut Autograph Card

Code cards are found in packs, but you can buy them individually on eBay

Free Topps Game Time Giveaway Codes

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