2012 Topps Golden Giveaway Codes

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2012 Topps Golden Giveaway Code Card2012 Topps Baseball
Golden Giveaway
Hobby – Retail Pack Odds: 1:6 Packs
Retail Jumbo Pack Odds: 1:2 Packs
Hobby Jumbo Odds: 1:1 Packs

Insider Sports Card Hobby Tips2012 Topps Series 1 Baseball Checklist

Insider Sports Card Hobby Tips2012 Topps Series 2 Baseball Checklist

Redeem Cards: www.topps.com/golden

Topps is now on it’s third go-round for the giveaway code promotion. It started with the Million Card Giveaway in 2010 and then was followed by the Diamond Giveaway in 2011. In 2012 Topps will go with the gold theme and once again giveaway codes can be found in 2012 Topps Series 1, Series 2, and Update Baseball packs. The thing that sellers of this product enjoy is that typically these code cards can sell for $1 or more on eBay if they are un-used. Collectors enjoy the chance to unlock special and perhaps valuable cards on the Golden Giveaway website. You can almost say, some collectors become addicted to the process and try and get as many codes as they can. Topps has a trade feature on the site which enables you to try and obtain cards even if you don’t unlock them yourself.

  • 2012 Topps Golden Giveaway Codes on eBay

Over the past two years the Topps giveaway websites have at times been plagued by glitches and down periods. The only thing you can do is be patient and hope that the problem gets resolved within a few days. If you continue to have problems then you’ll want to be sure to contact Topps Support.

Preliminary List of Coins Available
Coins are digital and not real – and will not be shipped

2012 Topps Golden Giveaway
Gold Team Coins
– All Teams – Virtual Coins

2012 Topps Golden Giveaway Oakland A's Team Coin

2012 Topps Golden Giveaway

Gold Player Coins
Checklist TBA2012 Topps Golden Giveaway
Gold HOF Coins
Hall of Fame Players – TBA  Unlock 3 Unique Coins = Free Prize
Unlock 6 Unique Coins = $10 off ShopTopps.com
Unlock 10 Unique Coins = Entered to win Ken Griffey Jr. Autograph
Unlock 30 Unique Coins = Instantly win Willie May Autograph
First 100 People to Collect 200 Coins win Golden Moments Set

Preliminary List of Cards Available
Cards are real and will be shipped to you for a fee

2012 Topps Golden Giveaway
Topps Gold
– 330 Total Cards –
Real Piece of Gold Embedded – 1/1

Insider Sports Card Hobby Tips2012 Topps Series 1 Baseball Checklist
Entire 330 Base Card Set from Series 1 has Gold Cards

2012 Topps Golden Giveaway Adam Lind Truly Golden 1/1

2012 Topps Golden Giveaway
Golden Moments
– 100 Total Cards – Base Cards

2012 Topps Golden Giveaway Adrian Gonzalez Golden Moments

2012 Topps Golden Giveaway
Golden Moments
– 100 Total Cards – Gold Parallel

2012 Topps Golden Giveaway Adrian Gonzalez Golden Moments

2012 Topps Golden Giveaway
Golden Moments
– 100 Total Cards – Gold 1/1 Parallel

2012 Topps Golden Giveaway Adrian Gonzalez Golden Moments 1/1

GMDC-1 Babe Ruth
GMDC-2 Lou Gehrig
GMDC-3 Ty Cobb
GMDC-4 Stan Musial
GMDC-5 Joe DiMaggio
GMDC-6 Willie Mays
GMDC-7 Mickey Mantle
GMDC-8 Warren Spahn
GMDC-9 Bob Gibson
GMDC-10 Johnny Bench
GMDC-11 Sandy Koufax
GMDC-12 Frank Robinson
GMDC-13 Tom Seaver
GMDC-14 Roberto Clemente
GMDC-15 Steve Carlton
GMDC-16 Yogi Berra
GMDC-17 Jim Thome
GMDC-18 Jackie Robinson
GMDC-19 Ken Griffey Jr.
GMDC-20 Rickey Henderson
GMDC-21 Nolan Ryan
GMDC-22 Eddie Mathews
GMDC-23 Cal Ripken, Jr.
GMDC-24 Tony Gwynn
GMDC-25 Ichiro Suzuki
GMDC-26 Carl Yastrzemski
GMDC-27 Joe Mauer
GMDC-28 Josh Hamilton
GMDC-29 Ozzie Smith
GMDC-30 Ryan Braun
GMDC-31 Willie McCovey
GMDC-32 Jim Palmer
GMDC-33 Rod Carew
GMDC-34 Derek Jeter
GMDC-35 Duke Snider
GMDC-36 Al Kaline
GMDC-37 Alex Rodriguez
GMDC-38 Harmon Killebrew
GMDC-39 Reggie Jackson
GMDC-40 Vladimir Guerrero
GMDC-41 Albert Pujols
GMDC-42 Robin Yount
GMDC-43 Roy Halladay
GMDC-44 Wade Boggs
GMDC-45 Eddie Murray
GMDC-46 Johan Santana
GMDC-47 Mariano Rivera
GMDC-48 Hanley Ramirez
GMDC-49 Robinson Cano
GMDC-50 Carlton Fisk
GMDC-51 Don Mattingly
GMDC-52 Justin Upton
GMDC-53 Buster Posey
GMDC-54 Clayton Kershaw
GMDC-55 Matt Kemp
GMDC-56 Ryne Sandberg
GMDC-57 Joey Votto
GMDC-58 Carlos Gonzalez
GMDC-59 Craig Kimbrel
GMDC-60 Stephen Strasburg
GMDC-61 David Wright
GMDC-62 Eric Hosmer
GMDC-63 Evan Longoria
GMDC-64 Mark Teixeira
GMDC-65 Mike Stanton
GMDC-66 CC Sabathia
GMDC-67 Dustin Pedroia
GMDC-68 Justin Verlander
GMDC-69 David Price
GMDC-70 Jered Weaver
GMDC-71 Cliff Lee
GMDC-72 Ian Kinsler
GMDC-73 Roberto Alomar
GMDC-74 Pablo Sandoval
GMDC-75 Troy Tulowitzki
GMDC-76 Felix Hernandez
GMDC-77 Mike Trout
GMDC-78 Starlin Castro
GMDC-79 Brooks Robinson
GMDC-80 Jacoby Ellsbury
GMDC-81 Jose Bautista
GMDC-82 Tim Lincecum
GMDC-83 Miguel Cabrera
GMDC-84 Ryan Zimmerman
GMDC-85 Nelson Cruz
GMDC-86 Ryan Howard
GMDC-87 Jason Heyward
GMDC-88 David Ortiz
GMDC-89 Adrian Gonzalez
GMDC-90 Brian Wilson
GMDC-91 Chris Carpenter
GMDC-92 David Freese
GMDC-93 Josh Johnson
GMDC-94 Adam Jones
GMDC-95 Jay Bruce
GMDC-96 Shin-Soo Choo
GMDC-97 Chase Utley
GMDC-98 Mike Napoli
GMDC-99 Jose Reyes
GMDC-100 Jon Lester

The best place to buy codes is either purchase a bunch of packs or buy the codes from trusted sellers on eBay. Make sure you check the sellers feedback so that you will know that the codes you will be getting are un-used. They only work one-time and once it’s entered into the Topps site the code is no longer valid. 2012 Topps Golden Giveaway Codes on eBay.

We will update this page with information about the giveaway and pictures of some of the cards that are available via the codes. If you unlock any good coins or cards feel free to send us an email sportscardshow@gmail.com

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