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What is a box break website?
A box/case breaker website is defined by Sports Card Radio as a website where you can purchase a “spot or team” in a group break. Once all of the slots in the group break have been filled – the owner of the site will open the box typically on Breakers TV, YouTube, UStream, or some other video website. The cards will get sorted and the buyer gets any cards pulled from his/her team through the mail. Each website is different in how they handle the selling and distribution of slots in a group break. You want to check with each website and their policies. Some will only ship the hits to you while others will sort and send base cards. Determining the right place for you to purchase box break slots comes down to trust and personal experience.  It’s an affordable way to purchase part of a box of cards without having to pony up the money for the entire box yourself.

Advice on joining a break through a website I’ve never heard of?
Joining a paid group break can be easy and affordable, but you want to make sure you know what you are doing. When researching information for this page – I noticed that a good many sports card “box break” websites come and go very quickly. Before signing up or paying for a spot – I would make sure to go find the owner of the sites YouTube page and preferably their Twitter and Facebook accounts as well.  If they haven’t updated YouTube in awhile, or have a ghost town for a Twitter and Facebook page then I would pass immediately. Some of the sites on this page have become “verified” – meaning I know the site owners personally and they get top recommendation from Sports Card Radio.

What about box breaks on major sports card forums?
The only box break listings that are listed on this page are sites that have breaks run by the owner of the site. Forums like Blowout Cards, Freedom Cardboard, Sports Card Forum and others have “box breaks” that are usually conducted by members of the forum. Those are not listed – but you can visit those forums to get more information on how to join those. They are conducted and run in very much the same way these sites do their box breaks.

What is a verified box break site?
The sites that have been verified on this page are ones we have used when we get involved in a sports card box/case break. We have personally used these sites and also know the owners. We have trust in sites that are verified and encourage you to check them out.


MojoBreak.Com Logo
MojoBreakWebsite: www.mojobreak.com
YouTube: MojoBreak

Sports Card Radio has used Mojobreak on several occasions to get into a group break and have also gotten lucky and pulled nice cards. On top of that – we met the owners of the site at the Las Vegas Industry Summit in 2012 and had an exciting night at Wild Bill’s Casino.

Box Breaker Verfied Account

Dover Card Picture
DoverCardsWebsite: dovercards.forumotion.com
UStream: Dover Cards

Dover Cards is a long time member of the Sports Card Radio Fan Forum. Very excited to be apart of the 2012 Topps Allen & Ginter case break.  Most major Topps Baseball brands are busted.

Box Breaker Verfied Account

Community Gum Logo
Community Gum

Website: www.communitygum.com

Great site if you are looking to get involved with a community of collectors. Fun site and every collector I’ve encountered who got into a break had a great experience.

Box Breaker Verfied Account

Live Box Breaks Hawk Logo
Live Box Break

Website: liveboxbreaks.net

Looking to get into a box break at an affordable price? Give Live Box Breaks a go and also check out their eBay store to either purchase box break slots as well – or – check out the quality selection of single cards.

And 1

Website: www.and1cards.com

UPDATE: This site no longer exists as of 7/15/2013

643 Box Break Website
643 Box Breakers

Website: www.643boxbreaks.com

UPDATE: This site appears to be no longer updated as of 7/15/2013

Baseball Card Collectors Website Logo
Baseball Card Collectors

Website: www.baseballcardcollectors.net

UPDATE: This site appears to be no longer updated as of 7/15/2013

Cards & Case Breaks
Cards & Case Breaks

Website: www.cardandcasebreaks.com

UPDATE: Site WAS HACKED as of 7/15/2013

The Box Breakers
The BoxBreakers
Website: theboxbreakers.com
Website Gone 4/21/2014
BoxBreakings Logo
Website: www.boxbreakings.com
Website Not Updated Anymore 4/21/2014

Clouts'n'Chara Website
Website: www.cloutsnchara.com

Team Box Break Logo
Team Box Break
Website: www.teamboxbreak.com

STL Sports Cards Logo
STL Sports Cards
Website: mystlsportscards.com

Aren’t there more then that dude?
There certainly are. If you know of a site that consistently does group box breaks let me know!
email: sportscardshow@gmail.com

I have a site and want to be verified?
Contact me and let me know about your business. I prefer sites that have their own website. But if you run breaks on popular sports card forums – or conduct breaks solely on YouTube send me an email I would love to talk to you about your box break successes.

UPDATE: Starting in 2013 many group breakers admitted to running illegal online raffles called ‘Razz’, ‘Razzles’, ‘Razzing’. Any group breaker that admitted to conducting illegal online raffles were removed from this page.

You can see some of the breakers involved in raffling here: Show #130


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  • I am a big fan of doing group breaks. I am launching my own in January 2019 and welcome anyone to come sign up at my website. Looking to give back and enjoy providing sales and incentives at every break. cssportscardbreaks.com

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