Show #193 UDs NBA Bid + COMC’s About To Dominate + BreakerCulture.com

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Breaker Culture Website provides reviews & rankings of group breakers. It’s actually a pretty cool website. I don’t know who owns this website and no one from this website has ever contacted me. The website account does follow me on twitter but I’m telling you about this site strictly because I think it’s cool

Upper Deck makes a bid for the NBA license (source: company employee on a forum post). I discuss how the landscape could change with 2 licensees … or possibly Upper Deck getting a small piece of an NBA license.

SportsCardRadio.com gets daily hits on its website for people looking for 2016 Topps Football. Obviously the news that Panini has the exclusive NFL trading card license for the next (presumably) 10 years hasn’t trickled down to all collectors yet. My guess is very few people who casually buy cards know about this yet.

Listener shows 1 day flip on COMC/ebay. Bought the card for $1 on COMC – then sold it later in the day on eBay (via COMC) for $8. And now has to do nothing else but figure out how to spend the money. Let other collectors complain/worry about COMC’s customer service while you scoop the money bags that are laying on the ground.

Money Flowing to COMC from eBay sales will have a big impact on the hobby – as long as 20% cashout fee stays in place. In order to get top dollar in the future – you will need to sell into COMC’s ecosystem.  Almost all eBay sales money flows into PayPal accounts – which can easily be transferred, spent & withdrawn to use for many other things than cards. COMC account balances are different because the money can only be spent on cards, blowout or cash with a 20% penalty. This will leave COMC sellers in a very lucrative position when all this eBay money (that used to go to PayPal) is now sitting in COMC accounts where the #1 cashout option is to buy more cards. Anyone not selling into this ecosystem won’t get top dollar unless it’s a premium/hot card – which are rare these days.

Discount Fatigue on COMC – I don’t discuss this on the show but it’s something you want to keep your mind on as you sell on COMC maybe for the first time – or more than you’re used to.
– It’s apparent that the technique many are using on COMC is price everything at around $0.75 or higher so the items are cross-listed onto eBay for $0.99 per card. There’s no use really in having a lower price considering eBay doesn’t allow for cards being listed under $0.99. However, in order to get the cards to sell on the COMC website – you’ll have to run heavy discounts on COMC to price the cards in a range where they might sell on that site. I feel this strategy will develop something known as “Discount Fatigue” for your username on COMC. Every sale you run that isn’t better than the last will result in shoppers becoming less impacted by sales. Ways to combat this is run sales less frequently on COMC – or divide up your usernames among a few so users don’t recognize you. Trust me, if someone as busy as me recognizes the sellers who run sales weekly on COMC – other users will as well & will be fatigued by this.

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  • First time listening to the podcast. You brought up a lot of great points. I am not part of the “break community.” I just feel like you never get your money’s worth. You could spend $200 or more on breaks and not get a card, well, take that same money and go buy a box and you get all the cards! Or even better, split a case with another 1 or 2 people.

    This is the first time I’ve heard of COMC.com and just created an account. The dashboard looks very similar to Amazon’s seller dashboard.

    Thanks for the insight on this site!

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