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The Pit Virtual Baseball Card Trading

Thepit.com is a place to buy and sell sports cards in a virtual market. Unlike eBay, The Pit actually keeps all cards on hand. When a transaction occurs, the cards/money are transferred into your online account. Think of it as the stock market’s version of sports card selling.

You can fund your account by either sending in cards that The Pit accepts, or deposit money through a variety of ways including PayPal. Over 95% of the cards traded on The Pit are rookie cards. The number of cards for each individual player varies, but are usually very limited. For example, Vikings star running back Adrian Peterson only has one card available for sale on The Pit, his 2007 Topps Chrome RC.

The Pit is very easy to use and is a great way to build your collection without having to add storage space. It’s also a great place to acquire large quantities of a particular card without having to win multiple auctions on eBay. You also won’t have to wait for the seller to ship your cards to you in the mail. Immediately after a transaction occurs on The Pit, the cards go directly into your Pit account.

If you do ever want to have the cards in your Pit account shipped to you, just have the Pit ship them to you for a reasonable rate.

Overall The Pit is a fun place to buy and sell without the hassle of online auctions. Every sports card collector should at least check it out!

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