Authorized Panini America Retailer Wholesale Distributor Seller Agreement

At the 2011 Las Vegas Industry Summit, Panini America announced new rules regarding the sales of its products. Not only are there new minimum pricing requirements, a physical store front open 40+ hours per week is now required if you want the opportunity to purchase Panini from a certified distributor.

Here are some of the requirements Panini now has in place for sellers of its products:

  • 60% of business is done via in store traffic
  • Open for business a minimum of 40 hours per week
  • Must adhere to pricing guidelines
  • Wholesaling of product is not allowed
  • Product purchased is intended for retail consumption only
  • No cross border selling of any Panini products allowed
  • Panini Authorized Retailers must be approved to sell at Trade Shows and on any internet sites
  • Not allowed to pre-sell or offer any Panini product before official street date

These new guidelines should be taken into account if you plan on selling Panini products you purchase directly from a distributor or wholesaler. Below is the 2 part discussion with Mike Anderson who is VP of sales for Panini America. The address occurred at the Industry Summit in March 2011.

Part 1

Part 2

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