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At the 2011 Las Vegas Industry Summit, Panini America announced new rules regarding the sales of its products. Not only are there new minimum pricing requirements, a physical store front open 40+ hours per week is now required if you want the opportunity to purchase Panini from a certified distributor.

Here are some of the requirements Panini now has in place for sellers of its products:

  • 60% of business is done via in store traffic
  • Open for business a minimum of 40 hours per week
  • Must adhere to pricing guidelines
  • Wholesaling of product is not allowed
  • Product purchased is intended for retail consumption only
  • No cross border selling of any Panini products allowed
  • Panini Authorized Retailers must be approved to sell at Trade Shows and on any internet sites
  • Not allowed to pre-sell or offer any Panini product before official street date

These new guidelines should be taken into account if you plan on selling Panini products you purchase directly from a distributor or wholesaler. Below is the 2 part discussion with Mike Anderson who is VP of sales for Panini America. The address occurred at the Industry Summit in March 2011.

Part 1

Part 2

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