Deep Fried Breaks in Hot Water After Customer Complaints Sizzle Online

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Card enthusiasts, it appears there’s some discontent stirring in the realm of card breaking. The collecting community is abuzz, but not for the anticipated reasons.

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Deep Fried Breaks finds itself at the center of a customer service controversy, and it’s not the usual issues one might associate with the term “deep-fried.” Customer grievances are surfacing, putting the spotlight on the break service’s practices.

A customer expressed dissatisfaction, revealing, “When I did a break with them, we all paid friends and family on PayPal (no fees), and the product was mailed in a used bubble mailer.”

Such eco-consciousness might not be as appreciated when it comes to the safe delivery of collectible cards, which are expected to arrive in mint condition, not resembling well-traveled origami.

Trashed Bubble Mailer

Another customer questioned the value proposition of Deep Fried Breaks with an online meme:

The response from Deep Fried Breaks to this customer’s skepticism was combative, prompting them to threaten the removal of the post.

It spurred others to voice their concern. One commented, “Don’t delete it. Just the responses from Deep Fried Breaks are enough to steer clear of their service. They’ve lined up too many questionable excuses.”

In a heated exchange, Deep Fried Breaks retorted, “I’d love to know how you think it’s bullshit but you apparently are too high and mighty for it.”

Once, Deep Fried Breaks suggested their breaks were a better investment than purchasing $20 retail packs from stores like Target and Walmart, customers were quick to counter.

One customer pointed out, “No offense, but if I spend $22 on retail packs, I’m guaranteed to walk away with something. With a $22 break, there’s a chance I end up with nothing.”

Another warned potential customers of the motives of Deep Fried Breaks. “I’d call it false advertising. If this is your first break ever, know that you might not get anything. And it’s always nice to rethink spending 22$ on nothing. At least make the filler spots half price so people’s don’t feel so screwed over if they don’t anything.”

The jury’s still out on whether Deep Fried Breaks will be able to clean up their act or if they’ll continue to get roasted by the community. But one thing’s for sure: In the court of public opinion, they’re currently about as popular as a Bol Bol hologram.

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