BallQube’s MAP Policy

BallQube has announced a new MAP policy and are asking e-commerce re sellers to abide with.

This MAP policy will apply to any and all online marketplaces or auction services including Amazon, eBay, Jet, etc. The BallQube MAP Policy took effect April 13, 2018.

BallQube Products For Sale on eBay

Any e-commerce reseller of BallQube products who refuses to abide by the MAP policy will no longer be allowed to sell BallQube products. BallQube feels such a consequence is necessary to protect the resellers willing to comply with the MAP policy.

In addition to the new pricing policy, all BallQube football and basketball displays must ship in single shipper boxes. Sellers have a grace period of three months from 4/13/2018 to comply with this new policy.

BallQube was getting roasted on some Amazon reviews and feels the new single shipper box policy will help prevent damage.

BallQube Map Pricing Guide

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