Controversy Erupts in Trading Card Community Over Lost $3,300 Card

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The Dispute Begins

Instagram seller StackofSlabs recently sold a Temarr Johnson Orange Prizm card for a whopping $3300. This transaction would have been like any other high-value deal, had it not been for the way the card was reportedly shipped. The buyer raised concerns after receiving the package, claiming it arrived empty.

To add to the controversy, the buyer shared that the card, valued at thousands of dollars, was allegedly shipped in a flimsy bubble mailer with no insurance. This, naturally, sparked questions about the seller’s integrity and the actual intent behind such a shipping method for such a valuable item.

The original buyer was left dismayed, not just by the empty package but also by the suspicion that StackofSlabs might have never shipped the card to begin with.

Original Complaint

Community Backlash and Attempts at Resolution

As news of this incident spread across the trading card community, members gathered on the Discord server RyansCardsLLC to discuss the unfolding drama. Amidst heated discussions, StackofSlabs made a brief attempt at a resolution. He proposed to send cards equivalent to the value of the lost $3300 card as compensation.

However, in an unexpected twist, StackofSlabs not only backed out from his promise but also abruptly left the Discord server, leaving many members in shock and furthering distrust.

StackofSlabs Strikes Back

In what seemed like a tit-for-tat move, StackofSlabs took to Instagram to air his own grievances. He posted a story, accusing @RyansCardssLLC of selling a damaged card worth over $1000 to one of his employees. He mentioned that despite the card having a “mashed in corner,” it was sold under the pretense of being in perfect condition. His final words on the story read: “Am I mad? Yeah, but I obviously haven’t posted about it yet because it’s not worth my time.”

We wanted to reach out to @RyansCardssLLC for comment but we are blocked on Twitter.

@RyansCardssLLC likely blocked us after we questioned his use of the ‘N’ word on social media.

Ryans Cardss LLC

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