Curveball Sports Cards Bowman Group Break SCAM?

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Another day, another group breaker accused of scamming. Hobby store Curveball Sports Cards, Gaming and Collectibles in Michigan is accused of swapping out cards during a group break. 

Collectors began blowing up Curveball's Facebook and Twitter pages and subsequently shop owner Mike Wilson deleted some social media accounts associated with the business. 

See if you can spot if he switched cards out for yourself!

Wilson did post a message on his personal account claiming his innocence. 

We called a business phone number associated with Curveball Sports Cards and left a message.

Wilson or anyone else associated with Curveball Sports Cards is invited to share their story on the R-Rated Podcast

Curveball Sports Cards is not the only group breaker who has been involed with controversy. DnT Sports Cards was caught swapping out cards during a break in May 2017.

Group Breakers have little to no barrier of entry and oversight. Card companies like Topps are more concerned with kicking dealers off Amazon than protecting customers in a break. 

Here is a write up about Curveball Sports Cards from a local newspaper.

More updates to follow as story develops.

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  • I know Mike personally and the last thing he would do is scam anyone or swap cards. This article needs to be taken down IMMEDIATELY. It is libelous, damaging to his store and reputation, and makes your site look bad as well.

  • After watching the video, it’s definitely inconclusive, and he could have just been straightening the cardboard out with his offhand.

    He was definitely holding up that Max Schrock card for a little too long, in most breaks i’ve seen, only big hits get held up for that long.

    Couple things though: For Breakers, the Camera is your friend and is the only thing that can verify your innocence. He should widen his angle out so people can see what’s going on around the table and both his hands should be in full view of the camera at all times(just like Card Dealers in Vegas). The guys at Mojobreak seem to do a good job of this.

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