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Thanks for posting the comprehensive checklists for all the sets. I’ve found them very useful since I’m the type of collector who builds sets.

Earlier today, I pulled an SP Sparkle card from Series Two that isn’t on your list yet. #421 Dominic Brown of the Phillies. I have attached a scan for your reference.

Thanks again and keep the site going!

I have heard about this card – but many think that the sparkle at the top of his helmet is a natural sparkle from the reflection of sunlight. If you hear from Topps or know of otherwise – let me know. I do know many are buying and selling this card as a sparkle, but a good many hobby folks think it’s just sunlight from the picture.

2011 Topps Domonic Brown Sparkle

This is just a question hoping you guys can point me in the right direction….. I’m looking for one card, and I was wondering if you know what websites or card stores I could look into having it.  Ebay hasn’t had it for two years now and I’ve done alot of looking around on the web with no luck…..

2008 Upper Deck BAP Rookies Josh Tordjman #251

I know it’s a long shot, but I’m hoping one of these long shots will hit the mark!
Thanks for all the info you guys give on the hockey products and checklists, wouldn’t know about some sets if I hadn’t heard it from you guys!

Thanks for the e-mail, usually I can find someone selling a card … but can’t find anyone with this card right now. Not exactly sure why. I’m sure one will pop up, but if you haven’t … try posting on some forums like Freedom Cardboard and Sports Card Forum … there could be a collector that has this card somewhere in their collection. If you offer to pay 5-10x book value, it should at least get them looking for it.

Sorry I couldn’t help you further. Other than eBay, SportLots, CheckOutMyCards, Burbank Sports Cards are the ones I would check regularly for the card in the future. Best of luck – hope you can find a copy one day soon.

I wonder if you can answer or comment on the following.  I pulled some cards out of Target packs with grey cardboard backs.  No shine, color, etc.  Similar to something you see 30 yrs ago.  Thought they were misprints.  Sent back to Topps for replacement.  Their comment was they were “grey back subset” and not misprints or bad cards.

That is correct – I’ve heard some people refer to them as “original backs”.  I believe they are only available in retail packs. In retail $20 boxes – I think one whole pack has all original backs.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

My son and I want to know if SAGE is going to come out with a SAGE squared this year. We are relatively new to the hobby and those autographs are reasonably priced compared to other products. Also, I read your review on 2011 sage autograph and you mentioned that it had 12 autos per box but I think it comes with 14.

I am pretty sure Sage will come out with Squared this year – they haven’t released any info yet but it was the last product they released in 2010. I will be sure to keep an eye out for the information and update my site a.s.a.p.

Thanks for the heads up on the 14 autographs – not sure where I got 12 from.

Good luck with you and your son’s collection and if you ever have any questions feel free to email me anytime.

2009 Sage 2 Football Pack

Love your website
Quick question is topps doing finest baseball this year if so do you know when????

Thanks for your time

Finest is coming out around Sept. 27 Here is an early checklist.

2011 Finest Derek Jeter Gold Refractor Base Card

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