Mike Trout HGH Rumors Put Card Fondlers on Suicide Watch

Card collectors everywhere are SHOOK that their "investments" may be taking a nose dive. 

News of golden boy Mike Trout allegedly using HGH has sent card collectors to social media and forums to clock in and defend the MLB star. 

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Blowout Forum has a thread that drips with fanboys falling over themselves to defend Trout. 

A "doctor" chimed in to say HGH doesn't treat the condition Trout "had", supposedly a thyroid disorder. 

Dorks, if Trout was taking HGH it was to get BUFF. Any medical condition was just a cover so he could use steroids "legally."

One Trout collector that doesn't seem concerned is Vegas Dave. 

He purchased the 2009 Bowman Chrome Draft Mike Trout Superfractor 1/1 autograph for $400,000 in 2018. 

Lately, Vegas Dave has stopped caring about sports cards once he got with bombshell Holly Sonders. Can you blame him?

Sports Card Radio asked a simple question on our Facebook page.

The choice is easy unless you're a card fondler obsessed with pictures of men.

Keep hugging your slabs. Scrubs.

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