Who Is The New Leaf Trading Cards CEO Kevin O’Neil?

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The Guy Behind the Glam!

Hold onto your collector caps, peeps! Kevin O’Neil is a name you might want to jot down if you’re into the sports card biz. So, why’s he on our radar? ‘Cause he just got hired as the new CEO of Leaf Trading Cards.

What’s His Deal?

Kevin O’Neil isn’t just a pencil-pusher in a cubicle. No siree! He’s the man with the plan, usually dealing with business strategy and market trends.

He previously worked at Press Pass, Upper Deck, Topps and most recently Beckett. Dang, he’s been passed around more times than trimmed cards in the PWCC vault.

Leaf CEO Kevin O’Neil

Flamboyant former CEO Brian Gray supposedly hand selected O’Neil so the job comes with a lot of pressure.

One rumor we always heard about O’Neil was when he worked at Topps, if you wanted a direct sales account you just had to slide him $10,000! Who knows if it’s true, but with Fanatics taking over, that good ‘ol boy trick dried up.

The Real Question: Why Should You Care?

If you’re investing time, money, or just pure emotional energy into Leaf Trading Cards, you might want to know who’s steering the ship. Especially if you’re debating whether to trade that super-rare Kyler Murray, mint condition rookie card for a Will Grier. Keep an eye on what O’Neil and Leaf are doing, and you might get a sense of where the market’s headed.

Disclaimer: We’re all about that gossip, but our info might not be up-to-the-minute. For the latest developments in the world of trading cards, keep your ears to the ground and consult reliable sources like Geoff Wilson.

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