2016 Bowman Chrome Juan Soto Superfractor ALTERED

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Someone took a baby wipe to the 2016 Bowman Chrome Juan Soto 1/1 Superfractor Autograph and PSA graded it a 10.

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The card was originally evaluated by BGS, and received a 9 with a 9 autograph score. 

If you look closely, you can see the underline below "Juan" trails off the card in the BGS version. In the more recent PSA 10 photograph, the line has been wiped clean. 

eBay seller Small Traditions, who listed the card in September 2018, mentions the alteration in the auction description. The company owner, David Thorn, claims to have purchased the card in the PSA 10 holder.  

Thorn perhaps purchased the card dealer from Hawaii dealer in an online transaction.

The Hawaii dealer is sat to have got it at the TriStar San Francisco show in February 2018, just before Soto's MLB debut. 

eBay Seller Small Traditions

One year after the Soto discovery, Thorn was exposed on the Blowout Forums as a huge card trimmer and scammer. Thorn went out of business just months later. 

It came out that PSA is believed to have purchased the card from Thorn and is the current owner. 

It's still not known who did the alterations on the card originally. 

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