2020 Topps Series 1 Million Card Rip Party Flops

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Topps tried to begin the baseball card season with a bang. Instead it was a snooze fest.

They held the world's largest baseball card group break...... at a football stadium?

Collectors were fed up with the boring nature of the event.

One huge complaint from viewers were that breakers moved too fast while opening cards. Highlights from a Blowout Thread are below.

"As fast as some of these guys manhandle through these cards, they are bound to miss some of this years parallels." - Back on the Cards

"Wow, just as I feared, the dude running the break I joined is FLYING through, manhandling every card, only slowing down to sleeve the worthless patch "hits." - Ugli Baby

"LOL they had a hot mic at the beginning, heard them talking crap about Sports Card Radio." - Lucky Card 22

"Yikes, watching the Topps feed is rough! You would think they would have someone roaming the room and asking about any good cards that were pulled. Hopefully the breakers are providing some commentary. These mini commercials really don’t add much." - TarjetasBéisbol

"Watched about 15 minutes of 3 breakers. Terrible at best. Mowing thru cards like an anteater at a ant mound." - SB Macho Man

"Brutal how fast they are breaking boxes. I think it's a pretty poor marketing strategy showing breakers just fly through every box to hit a million cards." - Cypher

"From what I've seen, this was a disaster. Poor video feeds. Breakers not even showing any cards except relics, autos, etc. Not watching for SPs. Passing over foils of rookies. They clearly don't know much about S1." - Davis

"I was watching a pretty well known breaker on Instagram during the event earlier in the day. After seeing the person struggle with the name of a pretty well known Hall of Famer that he just pulled, I was done." - Hallco

One group breaker, Kyle Rino of Moster Breaks, sold some boxes via an illegal online raffle. Yikes!

Some breakers also advertised and sold breaks without shipping base cards.

Series 1 is such a base heavy product it's a bad look for Topps to allow this.  

Maybe Topps can do better next time. 

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  • They had it at Cowboys Stadium….in a conference room LOL. They could have saved money and put it in a Holiday Inn.

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