Backyard Breaks Mystery Pack Scandal: Are the Odds Rigged?

by Liz Reagan // in News

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Hold up, card collectors! We’ve gotten wind of some seriously suspect behavior over at the Backyard Rips mystery pack shows. Our sources are dishing out that this show might be raking in a whopping $500,000! Say what?!

The episode that’s got everyone talking? The one from September 1, 2023 with none other than Sam Nubz taking charge of the notorious “wheel.” Dive deep into their ‘past shows’ section, and you’ll find the dirt. The beginning seems all fun and games, but does Backyard Breaks begin rigging the system towards the end of their breaks?

Backyard sold 108 boxes, but the key was to try and land a box with a special Gold or Platinum ticket inside. That unlocked a special bonus which included this Michael Jordan and LeBron James autograph as a top prize.

Top “Golden Ticket” Prize

The weird thing is Backyard brought the person who created the re-pack boxes, Sam Nubz, into the room and he was the one spinning the wheel for the last hour of a 5 hour break.

Our eagle-eyed viewers sent in some juicy clips. Watch closely in this video, and you’ll spot Backyard Breaks giving that wheel a spin at the usual pace when luck’s on their side. But when the stakes get high and towards the end of the break, that’s when the plot twist hits. Our guy Sam, apparently not a fan of letting fate decide, gives that wheel a painfully slow spin, peeks inside like he’s hunting for treasure, and BAM! He snatches the ball of his choice.

Watch video for examples of rigged spins

The move? Inside boxes are Gold and Platinum tickets for special cards. If you knew which boxes had the Gold and Platinum tickets you could rig the game. Was it a coincidence that a Gold and Platinum ticket made it to the final 2 of the 108 box break? It certainly helped boost bids as a result.

Was it rigged?

Bidding got to nearly $7000 for a box at one point near the end. If there wasn’t a Golden or Platinum ticket available would the bidding have reached that high? No wonder the person who created the boxes was the one at the helm of the wheel!

Backyard Breaks rapidly emerged as a notable entity in the sports card community, particularly in the arena of group breakers. They are in part known for a January 2022 controversy surrounding a Trevor Lawrence Gold Kaboom they failed to giveaway on a livestream.

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