BBCE & MeelyPops Rocked By Logan Paul Pokemon Scandal

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 Two prominent names in the sports card world are involved in a huge Pokemon controversy.


Jameel Mohammed, who owns The Meelypops Shop in Gainesville, FL, helped purchase what he thought was a case of 1st Edition Pokemon cards back in April 2021.

Gary Vee (Left) with Meelypops

The story is documented in a two-part series that Meelypops released.

Pokemon's Most Historic Sale Pt 1
Pokemon's Most Historic Sale Pt 2

The same day Meelypops took possession of the Pokemon case, he brought it over to Baseball Card Exchange (BBCE), to get it authenticated and "wrapped."  

BBCE is the only company to provide this type of service, and the owner Steve Hart, is also the unopened pack authenticator for Professional Sports Authenticator (PSA). 

Update: BBCE Facebook Post

BBCE Steve Hart

Despite a solid reputation in the sports card world, this was the first ever Pokemon case to be authenticated by BBCE

One day after getting the case wrapped by BBCE, Meelypops sold it to Matt Allen (Instagram/Shyne150) for what Allen says was $2.7 million.

8 months after buying the case for $2.7m, Allen flips the case to celebrity Logan Paul for $3.5m.

Once Paul started flexing the purchase on social media, Pokemon experts started digging deeper into the origin of the case. 

Rattle Pokemon

Pokemon expert Rattle Pokemon started putting out YouTube videos that the Logan Paul case was fake. Turns out there is a known case in existence and there are key differences. 

  • The actual cardboard box is different
  • The "Stop" tape is different
  • The bar code is different
  • The stamps on the box are different
  • The label is different

Making things more sketchy, the story on how the case came about has changed multiple times. 

Many believe Meelypops purchased the case from a known Pokemon scammer out of Canada. 

If the case is indeed fake, Paul could turn to his friend Allen for a refund. Allen could then turn to Meelypops for a refund. Things could get messy. 

BBCE does not offer insurance or buyer protection if one of their authenticated products is found to be fake. BBCE isn't obligated to refund, Paul or Meelypops. 

Paul said on January 4, 2022 he was going to take the case to Chicago and have BBCE check the authenticity. 

On January 13, 2022 - Paul released a video showing the case was fake and the boxes has GI Joe packs in them. 

On January 13, 2022 - BBCE posted on Facebook about the fake case. 

A sports card insider that goes by the name Cardporn says that Meelypops has already lawyered up and refused to refund his portion of the case, $515,000, to Allen. 

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  • Honestly I got scammed before from BBCE also. I bought a box of 1993 Topps to look for Derek Jeter rookies. The box was sealed with the BBCE Logo as I bought it from their website. As I opened the packs, I realized something strange. All 1993 Topps MLB packs have 1 gold card per pack. about 80% of these were missing the gold cards. So then I started counting cards per pack and it was off by about 2 cards on average per pack as everything good had already been removed and resealed in my opinion.

    • I purchased a 1977 Topps Baseball BBCE graded box. The day I received it I opened it. Inside were cards from 1979. BBCE graded. I do not have any confidence in BBCE graded boxes.

  • Jameel actually refunded him as quick as possible, the reason he got lawyers involved was to do everything on the books and legally. He did not avoid or turn back on his word. Shyne posted about the refund and that they were w working through it almost immediately. Your sources are all wrong.

    • Steve Hart along with BBCE is a complete scam. We amongst others within our connection circuit DO NOT, nor WILL NOT trust BBCE authentication. We would highly suggest that any so-called “authenticated” BBCE should be considered as “NOT” authenticated. We have sent in a box with 2 purposeful resealed packs, waiting for the rejection. BBCE authenticated and wrapped this product as such. We re-opened and removed the 2 packs that were resealed. It is almost certain that NO COMPANY can 100% authenticate factory wrappings, along with case boxes, and labels as almost always any of can be replicated and faked. Steve Hart’s company business theme is a great idea and even better for marketing. However a true, die hard fanatic collector will always go with his gut, do research and look for provenance.

      Anyone who talks about whiners or people who don’t like Steve Hart or the company and give bad reviews for no reason. Well, those are the ones who have investment (customers who paid to have there products wrapped by BBCE and labeled as authentic) into BBCE and do not want to lose money on there product. However, since they aren’t thinking clearly they damage is already done. The company BBCE has already lost huge amounts of “Buyer Confidence” and reputation. Even PSA nor Beckett grade are willing to grade such as it is too difficult to determine “Original State”.

  • What a bunch of idiots.

    Look like a bunch of people living in the basement spending money without doing any research.

    bay area mysogonist and former used car salesman and lead singer in kars for kids commercials

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