Breaking! CardPorn’s Juan Garcia Nukes Socials Amid Million-Dollar Scandal!

by Liz Reagan // in News

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The Bomb Drops: Juan Garcia aka Mr. CardPorn Goes Juan-Gone!

Hey, #thehobby nation! Hold onto your trading cards ’cause this is about to blow your mind! Juan Garcia, the man who once claimed to be “your friendly hobby watchdog” under the handle CardPorn, has vaporized from the social sphere.

Twitter? Deleted. YouTube? Bye-bye. Instagram? Ghosted.

The Million-Dollar Question: Why the Social Media Blackout?

Well, if you haven’t been living under a rock, Garcia is allegedly the man behind that messy Michael Jordan jersey fiasco that nearly netted him a cool million. Coincidence? We think NOT!

Life Comes at You Fast: From Watchdog to Wanted Dog?

This isn’t just pulling a Houdini; this is running from the burning building with alarms blaring! Garcia, the self-proclaimed ‘watchdog’ of the card-collecting world, is now the prime suspect in a case of forgery, fraud, and who knows what else!

It’s alleged a fake foundation was set up to try and prove a Michael Jordan jersey was game used!

Read more about the wild story in our article published yesterday.

What’s Next? The Watchdog Saga Continues…

So here we are, folks. What started as an audacious plan to scam the hobby community has led to an abrupt social media suicide. Where is Juan Garcia now? What will become of the Cardporn legacy? Only time will tell…

Disclaimer: This is an evolving story. We’re all about that gossip and scandal, but remember, we’re not a court of law. Consult with Evan Mathis and Jason Koonce for all your legal needs. Stay tuned!

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