Is Justin Gamble Gamble a Sports Card Scammer or Opportunist?

by Liz Reagan // in News

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The Sports Card Controversy That’s Shaking Up YouTube

Hold on to your wallets dorks and sports card fans, because we’ve got some piping hot tea spilling all over your trading card binders!

Video Trilogy:

>Exposing a Sports Card Repack SCAM?
>my response / APOLOGY to being called a SCAMMER
>Reaction to a Sports Card Influencers Apology

Justin Gamble Gamble, that notorious sports card YouTuber, is deep in hot water right now. People are saying he’s basically the poster boy for everything wrong with card flipping in the COVID era: he’s all about that cocky attitude, acts like he’s the star of the show, and couldn’t care less about the cards he’s slinging.

But the question on everyone’s mind is… is he scamming people or just giving them a bad deal they’re too eager to jump on?

Justin Gamble Gamble

Side note, look at this scrub. Why anyone would trust this guy to sell them a $1,000 box of cards when he looks less trustworthy than a street-corner hustler is truly baffling. But here we are.

The Break Heard Round the World

Our greasy card seller opened seven boxes of his own re-pack product live on YouTube. Problem is, none of the cards even came close to matching the cost of a spot in the break. Like, not even in the ballpark, folks!

Dan The Card Man, another YouTuber in the sports card realm, was quick to call out Justin in a video titled, “Exposing a Sports Card Repack SCAM?

“My Response/Apology”

To his credit, Justin rolled out of bed and responded with a YouTube video titled, “My Response / APOLOGY to being called a SCAMMER“.

He admits that some of the sales looked bad, especially pointing out the 2022 National Treasures Christian Watson Rookie Patch Auto RC.

WhatNot’s Rules

Justin Gamble Gamble sold his re-packs on YouTube where its the Wild Wild West for selling. On selling platforms like WhatNot and Fanatics Live, they require seller disclosures to list those products.

Here are the WhatNot specific guidelines to list a re-pack:

  • Floor price (minimum value)
  • Ceiling (maximum value)
  • Average price
  • Number of items these statistics cover

What’s Next?

So who’s really at fault here? Justin Gamble Gamble, the stupid buyers, or maybe both?

Chances are, anyone hawking these re-pack products is probably breaking some state and federal gambling laws. So maybe they should be behind bars. Hopefully someday we can cover that story. That’s how we see it, end of story.

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Liz Reagan

  • Can’t wait til someone looks at we the hobby on what note BS pantheon repack. Biggest scam in the last decade. They can pick and choose what box to make available for their biggest hit they call a corn as in unicorn

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