Is Sports Card Investor a Fraud?

A new Instagram account (now deleted) is out detailing the losses Geoff Wilson, better known as Sports Card Investor, has taken on some of his cardboard purchases.

Sports Card Investor

And Wilson is super mad about it, he's threatening to sue online critics!

One IG post details how Wilson is down over $200,000 on some LeBron James refractor cards.

Here is ANOTHER post that details how Wilson is down over $200,000 on this Michael Jordan RC purchase he made in 2021. 

When all this got posted on Twitter it started to get under the skin of Wilson!

In a classic move, the Sports Card Investor started to suggest he might pursue legal action against some of his haters!

Wilson threatens to sue another Twitter member after calling the Sports Card Investor out about some Select Basketball boxes.

The last 8 months have been brutal to the Sports Card Investor as views to his videos are down, the market for sports cards has shrunk considerably, and now some of his "investment" advice is being exposed. 

We'll see how the Sports Card Investor and the hobby at large recovers heading into 2022.

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Terry Roberson - February 16, 2022

Mr, Wilson they are just JEALOUS!!!!!! Pay them No Mind but SUE if you have to I believe that you are honest as The Day Is Long!!!! Your fan!!!! Terry Roberson

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