Panini America v Kollectorsvault Trademark Infringement Lawsuit

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Guys..... you can't just make your own Zion Williamson cards, sell them on eBay, and think you can get away with it.

That is what Burlingame, CA card shop owner Steven Teani of Kollectorsvault has been doing and now Panini America popped them with a civil trademark infringement lawsuit. 

Kollectorsvault has made fake cards of Williamson, Patrick Maholmes, Yordan Alvarez, Jordan Yamamoto and more. The cards often feature the image of the player, team logos, and Panini's "Rated Rookie" logo. 

Fake Zion Williamson Card

That's how dumb people are in the sports card world. MANY have to cheat, lie, steal, or even make fake cards to make a penny. 

Kollectorsvault is lucky the players or teams don't hit them with a lawsuit as well. 

Teani is an owner of Lefty's Sports Cards in Burlingame, CA.

Steven Teani - Kollectorsvault

Everyday, bottom feeding sports card scrubs try and illegally profit off the name of an athlete or company such as Panini. 

Hopefully card dealers such as Kollectorsvault get dealt a dose of reality. 

Panini is seeking MONEY from Kollectorsvault in the lawsuit.

Here is specifically what they are after:

a. Defendant's profits from each product or service marketed, advertised or sold using the Infringing Marks;
b. all damages sustained by Panini;
c. costs of court;
d. statutory damages allowed by the Lanham Act; and
e. any additional amount that the Court determines to be just;

Ideally, Panini wins this lawsuit and gets any and all damages from this loser Kollectorsvault.


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  • You would think with all that $$ he’s made off those and other fake cards … he could afford to buy a better hairpiece ….. that one is horrible

  • Without the Pelicans and ‘rated rookie’ logos the card would have been fine, but I guess he didn’t know what he was doing.

    • Teani is no longer a co-owner of Lefty’s. I spoke with one of the employees by the name of Bob only a few days ago. He mentioned that Teani sold off his share of the company in 2016. The last time Bob actually saw him was Dec. 2015 and hasn’t seen him since. Basically the store had nothing to do with it.

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