Phil Hughes Accused of Rigging Group Break

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Former MLB pitcher Phil Hughes said on Twitter he might be done with sports card "group breaks" after haters accused him of being shady during a 2019 Topps Transcendent Baseball break.

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YouTube user George Bozinovski pointed out that the video cuts out during the break. 

The video is edited and was not recorded live. 

Most sports card "group breaks" are performed live on camera. 

Hughes was opening the product for group breaker "Cheap Fun Breaks."

Customers who purchased a spot in the break were made aware that the case opening would not be recorded live. Hughes did have one spot in the break. 

Blowback from the break and the reaction from Hughes mostly occurred on social media app Twitter.

Card fondlers get uptight when you "flex" or show off anything nice unless it's a (trimmed) slab.  

The best part of the Transcendent break was that Hughes had game used batting gloves, with a Yankees World Series ring on, while popping Veuve Clicquot champagne. 

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