Shop Owner Threatens Customer With Lawsuit!

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Someone please check on the owner of Dave Sports Cards in Roswell, GA. 

He's blowing up at his customers who leave negative reviews online, everything from threatening lawsuits to finding out where they work and calling their boss!

After this one star review was left for Dave Sports Cards, the owner made an Instagram video calling the customer a clown.

>Dave Sports Cards eBay Account<

But he wasn't done there, Dave Sports Cards began sending threatening IG messages to the person who left the review!

Maybe Dave Sports Cards can get the same lawyer that Geoff Wilson used to send us a letter.

Dave Sports Cards even called the employment of someone who left a negative review! Imagine getting this text from your boss to start the day. 

The owner of Dave Sports Cards looks like just another scrub. Many of these guys who own hobby stores across the U.S. think they run the world. 

Simmer down Dave! Or else your boss Michael Rubin may have to put you in your place. 

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  • I see that Dave never gives up. He literally just did the same thing to me yesterday. Except he called me a bitch and told me he has my address and threatened to come to my house. He also went on to ridicule my wife and my family as well. I sent you all a message on instagram. Im happy to send you the screenshots

  • What happened to the days when two men who had a disagreement or conflict would sit down to talk about it or take it to the yard
    🤜🏻💥❓️Nowadays folks want to attack your business, entire legacy, and the way you feed your family over petty things that won’t even matter in a year or less. Regardless of what you THINK Dave did to you or if you felt he didn’t give you the deal you wanted, these cyber bullying acts of slander aren’t warranted. This says a lot more about ALL of you than Dave.

  • Diuretic is a clown leaving fake reviews for himself. That would totally be wrong if everyone left him fake reviews 😂😂

  • To be fair…a letter from an attorney does not constitute a lawsuit. That would be a complaint filed through court. And again to be fair, you’re an idiot so you wouldn’t know that.

  • His replies to negative reviews should tell you enough. I left a legitimate negative review and he accused me of being fake. He attempted to dox me so I had to change my Google profile to make it more private. Insane behavior. He should stick to the family business of sandwiches

    • Impeccable performance by Dave here. Attempting to sue for harassment and share the phone number of the person he is threatening to sue publicly 😂

  • Sports Card Radio, we can’t wait to come see you at Frank and Sons!!!!!!! Let’s see how you speak to us face to face!

  • Dave has had it coming for a long time. He berates people that are not spending money in his shop. He even berates children. If you try to sell him something and it’s not worth a lot of value, he will say that you are wasting his time.

    • Agreed. I have seen it first hand. Ego maniac. Thinks he’s always right and is snobby. I prefer kaboom cards, hot hands, breaking bangers, and wasteland. He may know some about cards but horrible with interactions.

    • Welcome to come into my store and say that to my face… any of you coward low life’s. Stop hiding behind your phones and come in I’m open 7 days a week. Come see me face to face and say what you say here to me directly. All of you are clowns 🤡. Dave

      • You would just tell us we are kicked out and banned from store lol like you have with others. Coming in your store would do absolutely nothing. You are not intimidating.. and just complain/ and say get out of my store.Probably why your store got robbed(yes it does suck , and I don’t condone). No one respects you.

  • People in Atlanta know Dave as a hot head and egomaniac. He’s blown up on customers many times. To each there own, but not how I would run a business. Much better shops. He can try for slander, but with his responses and his actions, it’s all based on facts. I know a guy who has a video of Dave yelling at a customer in front of other customers.

      • I do know you and your business very well. Seen you kick people out and act like a child. Whine, complain and belittle people while you smoke yout thc cartridge. I know all about you. Even have videos of you yelling at someone in the parking lot. Stop acting tough. You obviously have mental health issues and are insecure. Literally responds to every comment. Who has time for that? Just getting more attention on you for being a sleez bag. Also, brush your teeth. Everyone knows his breath smells here in Atlanta . If I didn’t know you I wouldn’t have your cell
        +1 770-519-****

  • You guys are so bitter and petty!! Just because the business owner couldn’t give you a good deal?! You only know one side of the story and post one side of the story! It seems like you guys are the one who cyber bullying and harassing.

      • Doesn’t surprise me. Dude is narcissistic sociopath. You need to meet him and you’ll immediately understand everything. Who calls an employer about a Google review.. someone who is not stable. Over a piece of cardboard.

      • You think it’s all a fun and games but this is real life. You are a clown, all the high levels in the hobby laugh at you. You are a joke and a low life. Keep an eye out in the mail box for the letter from my lawyer

  • You are correct. We are having our lawyer send you a letter as we speak for slander and harassment also to Benjamin Krebs who has harassed us the last 7 days in both our locations. You guys need to grow up. Bunch of Clowns 🤡…

  • My son and I ventured to his shop since he was local to us and the closest shop. He has a nice shop, we made quite a big deal with him, spent several hours there. Although comps were at the 60%, I feel at the time it was fair on both sides. No one pays anything close to comps since they are looking to make a buck as well.

  • Dave is also a former PSA grader; I’ve followed him on IG for awhile and he seems to fancy himself as a major player of sorts in the card world.

    He has a second IG page devoted to his Mantle collection, which is actually quite impressive.

    • Dave gets 1 star reviews and articles written about him from people who have never been into his shop, people who know nothing about the hobby, and people who wanted money from him. He gets a 1 star review every time he doesn’t buy someone’s junkwax. At the end of the day, I’d be pissed if I had people slandering me online for not shelling out cash for their garbage.

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