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Sports Card Radio Called to Testify – Leaf Trading Cards Objects!

Hear ye, hear ye!

The honorable Upper Deck Trading Card Company is seeking the expert testimony of Sports Card Radio owners Colin and Ryan Tedards.

In UD's prolonged court battle with rival card company Leaf Trading Cards, the Tedards twins could be the key to knocking out CEO Brian Gray forever. 

In a dramatic response, lawyers for Leaf Trading Cards are seeking to block the expert testimony of the sports card podcasting moguls.

Only a judge can decide what will happen next. 

Stay tuned for exclusive updates on Sports Card Radio.


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Brad - March 9, 2020

I would pay to be in that courtroom when Big BG goes down.

Joe Brown - March 10, 2020

The Retard twins are finished

    SportsCardRadio - March 10, 2020

    Sorry your Leaf cards are worthless Joe

JOEMLM - October 7, 2020

i am curious, how leaf can afford to buy so much high end game used items? more than topps and panini combined! how is that possible??? they have more babe ruth, mickey mantle, etc, etc, game used items, it boggles the mind!!!!

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