Demand For Retraction Against Geoff Wilson

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Re: Demand for Retraction, Correction, and Apology

Dear Mr. Geoff Wilson:

This letter is written on behalf of Sports Card Radio to demand an immediate apology, correction, and retraction of your letter sent to us on December 22, 2022.

In the letter, you mention a professional “success” of yours was a company known as “Dibbs.”

This company has now gone out of business, squandering a nearly $13 million dollar investment led by your wife you.

Sports Card Radio takes outright lies told to us very seriously. Accordingly, demand is hereby made that you immediately and prominently retract, correct, and apologize for any comments about the profitability of Dibbs, including the aforementioned false statements.

Promptly notify us whether you will set the record straight by immediately and prominently retracting, correcting, and apologizing for the aforementioned false statements. Failure to do so will leave us with no alternative but to consider all available legal remedies.

Sports Card Radio

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  • How is it even possible to lose $13M in the card industry? Who embezzled? Someone dipped into the accounts.

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