Group Breaker CardFanz Returns Wander Franco Mascot Card

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 Good news in the Wander Franco mascot card scandal.

Group breaker, CardFanz, after receiving massive backlash from the card community, did the right thing.

Update: Card listed on eBay for $54,999

CardFanz, sold spots in a break of 2022 Topps Series 2 Baseball by the player and wanted to keep the card of Raymond for himself, instead of shipping it off to the customer who purchased the Franco spot in the break. 

CardFanz typically sold his breaks on eBay, as Sterbenz75.

After being outed on social media, Cardfanz felt the heat and eventually shipped the Franco card out. He deleted his Instagram page, so we'll see if he jumps back into the breaking world after some time off. 

A rare win for the card community that usually takes the L in situations like this. 

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  • The breaker you mention is a good dude trying his best to provide us a trustworthy break experience. He was going to research the card before deciding what was appropriate. I never had any doubt you would get the card.

    I don’t think people realize the scrutiny breakers go through for everything they speak when it could just be confusion or something not totally clear.

    There are plenty of bad breakers out there but (CardFanz) is not one of them

    I’m glad you got your card. It’s pretty cool.

    • If he thought for a moment about that sending that card to the correct person then yeah, he’s at his core unethical.

    • You’re one of the following:

      a) a “plant”
      b) CardFanz, himself
      c) BOTH,…one in the same
      d) a unscrupulous, misguided 🤡

      QUOTE: “He was going to research the card before deciding what was appropriate”…!?!?

      Really…?!!? Well,…if there’s any validity to his Twitter bio (re. he claims to be a collector since 1975!!) there should’ve been ZERO, AMOUNT of (as you put it)….”research”, needed, with regard to the card! Hell,…even someone who just got into the hobby in 2022 could CLEARLY SEE that this is a Wander Franco card with Raymond’s head, cropped/Photoshopped onto the card, thereby effectively making it a (S)SSP variation of Franco. No ifs,…ands….or buts about it! Did CardFanz sell a spot for Mascot cards….?!!? Nope!! Did he sell a spot for SP’s, SSP’s or SSSP’s? Nope!! Facts, are facts!! It’s a Wander card! It’s a RARE Wander card! He knows it! He knew it the SECOND he pulled it! And he knew/knows it is worth a VERY PRETTY PENNY!! His SHADINESS was EXPOSED, and since he was IMMEDIATELY PUT ON BLAST and EXPOSED by the card community, at large, the ONLY thing he could (possibly) do, was to go into IMMEDIATE, DAMAGE CONTROL and salvage any bit of his reputation that he otherwise may not have compromised! Never heard of the guy, but this much, I can tell you; I wouldn’t spend FIVE, STINKIN’ BUCKS on entering any of his breaks!! As SCR and many others have noted; what is the “TRUE, GAIN”…in one trying to DECEIVE & ROB a customer of a rare, high-dollar card…?!!? That (example) couple/few thousand dollars that you MAY wind up making…..”off the top”….is NOT comparable/worth it, compared to the profit over the lifetime of breaks you’d otherwise be doing…..had one not been BUSTED for trying to be a THIEF/CON/FRAUD/SCAMMER!! Then again, like they say; most individuals who purposefully engage in criminal behavior,…are NOT the sharpest of tools in the drawer!!

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