Group Breakers Likely Rigging Fanatics NFL Helmet Product

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Group Breakers are likely rigging a product acquired directly from Fanatics Authentic.

Fanatics will make a custom NFL helmet product for group breakers, including Platinum Card Breaks.

Platinum have sold over 775 NFL helmets for Fanatics through "breaks." We believe those breaks are likely rigged and customers do not have an opportunity to obtain the best helmets that are advertised on the Platinum website. 

For example, in 84 breaks spanning 1 year and 4 months, Platinum Card Breaks have never pulled a Patrick Mahomes or Justin Herbert on camera. 

Fanatics will send group breakers, like Platinum, 20-25 helmets at a time. Each run of helmets has certain key players available, and much of the checklist is known to the breakers. 

"This is custom series that is made just for us. I gave them some key players that I know we all would like. I know some of the key players they put in," a breaker for Badger Breaks told his audience over a year ago.

There are several ways a breaker could rig this product. The helmets are inside a simple cardboard box that, in recent breaks by Platinum, have no Fanatics marks or stickers on them.

Once the outer box is opened, you can tell what the helmet is, without even lifting it out of the box.

On the back of the helmets it even has the team name. 

Strange how recently Platinum Cards did a break where the box said "Bucs" but a Steelers helmet came out. Perhaps a Tom Brady helmet was originally in that box?

It's the only time we've see this happen after watching nearly 100 breaks.

Here is data from 84 different Fanatics NFL breaks conducted by Platinum Card Breaks.

The times the breaker noted this was the last helmet in their run before re-ordering I noted it below. 

Break NumberHelmet HitTeamVideo Date"Winner"
694Troy PalumaluSteelersAug 15, 2021Hoss
695Cee Dee LambCowboysAug 16, 2021Jordan P
696Tyreke HillChiefsAug 25, 2021Joey Christmas
697Jerome BettisSteelersAug 27, 2021

Michael Redmond

698Brian DawkinsEaglesAug 29, 2021Jordan P
699Aaron JonesPackersSep 3, 2021packman1
700Charles WoodsonPackersSep 6, 2021Donovan Pick
701Eli ManningGiantsSep 13, 2021Fishaddict
702Peyton ManningColtsOct 8, 2021Jamie Sch
703Jaylen WaddleDolphinsOct 15, 2021Shane Blevins
704Jaylen HurtsEaglesOct 28, 2021David Kuan
705Adrian PetersonVikingsOct 30, 2021Big Frank 53
706Joe BurrowBengalsNov 3, 2021dbratcher88
707Hines WardSteelersNov 27, 2021Ish
708Brett FavrePackersNov 28, 2021Frank LeMacc
709Tua TDolphinsDec 12, 2021AriGold
710DeShaun WatsonTexansDec 14, 2021Brandon S
711Eric DickersonRamsDec 17, 2021Frank LeMacc
712Barry SandersLionsDec 26, 2021jfarr21
713Russell WilsonSeahawksDec 26, 2021JBazooka
714Henry RuggsRaidersDec 31, 2021polospecialist
715Alvin KamaraSaintsJan 4, 2022Jamie Sch
716Justin FieldsBearsJan 8, 2022JBazooka
717Cee Dee LambCowboysJan 13, 2022jfarr21
718Trevor LawrenceJaguarsJan 22, 2022jfarr21
719Baker MayfieldBrownsJan 22, 2022RaiderFarmer
720Zach WilsonJetsJan 23, 2022RaiderFarmer
721DJ MoorePanthersJan 23, 202250mweeks
722Troy PalumaluSteelersJan 29, 2022yangyang
723Russell WilsonSeahawksFeb 1, 2022Jeff Sve
724Josh JacobsRaidersFeb 2, 2022myles ward
725Marshawn LynchSeahawksFeb 3, 2022jfarr21
726Terrance Marshall JrPanthersFeb 4, 2022ZDuke2015
727Kyler MurrayCardinalsFeb 4, 2022dbratcher88
728Trevor LawrenceJaguarsFeb 5, 202250mweeks
729Matthew StaffordRamsFeb 6, 2022jfarr21
730Tony DorsettCowboysFeb 8, 2022theroedog
731Marshawn LynchSeahawksFeb 9, 2022jfarr21
732Carson WentzColtsFeb 11, 2022jfarr21
733Joe NamathJetsFeb 13, 2022jethro75
734LaDanian TomlinsonChargersFeb 14, 2022myles ward
735Dan MarinoDolphinsFeb 16, 2022jfarr21
736Calvin JohnsonLionsFeb 18, 2022Jeff Sve
737Jerry Rice49ersFeb 22, 2022jfarr21
738Nick ChubbBrownsFeb 22, 2022Brandon S
739Tua TDolphinsFeb 25, 2022Jeff Sve
740Taysom HillSaintsMar 2, 2022Brandon S
741Kyle PittsFalconsMar 5, 2022jfarr21
742George Kittle49ersMar 7, 2022Frank LeMacc
743Tyreke HillChiefsMar 8, 2022jussloth
744Terry BradshawSteelersMar 12, 2022jfarr21
745Zach WilsonJetsMar 16, 2022TheHatcher1
746Jaylen WaddleDolphinsMar 17, 2022Jeff Sve
747Ryan TannehillTitansMar 25, 2022jfarr21
748AJ BrownTitansApr 8, 2022Cathernator
749Jalen HurtsEaglesApr 20, 2022dbratcher88
750John ElwayBroncosMay 23, 2022Matt Collander
751Brian DawkinsEaglesMay 31, 2022jfarr21
752Curtis MartinJetsJun 10, 2022Clifton Hill
753James ConnorCardinalsJun 11, 2022jetbro75
754Amari CooperCowboysJul 18, 2022Emre
755Lawrence TaylorGiantsAug 8, 2022kshoz1
756Davante AdamsPackersAug 11, 2022kshoz1
757Randy MossVikingsSep 14, 2022Nicholas Reed
758Justin FieldsBearsSep 18, 2022Leon Elperin
759Brian UrlacherBearsSep 22, 2022Leon Elperin
760Mike DitkaBearsSep 23, 2022golfpro5
761Deion SandersCowboysSep 26, 2022jfarr21
762Franco HarrisSteelersSep 27, 2022jfarr21last one in stock
763Christian McCaffreyPanthersOct 19, 20224youthetruth
764Jamaar ChaseBengalsOct 29, 20224youthetruth
765D.K. MetcaffSeahawksNov 1, 2022dbratcher88
766Peyton ManningColtsNov 8, 2022nosignofland
767Nick ChubbBrownsNov 8, 2022LA
768Tua TDolphinsNov 18, 2022dbratcher88
769Dan MarinoDolphinsNov 20, 2022rsdlife
770Zach WilsonJetsNov 20, 2022dbratcher88last one in stock
771Aiden HutchensonLionsDec 11, 2022Jo Backson
772Jamaar ChaseBengalsDec 15, 2022derek pugh
773Cooper KuippRamsDec 19, 2022tdonahue
774D.K. MetcaffSeahawksDec 23, 2022Trent Tormo
775Tua TDolphinsDec 25, 2022Trent Tormo
776Dionte JohnsonSteelersDec 28, 2022dbratcher88

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