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SDN Sports Cards, a dealer that sells on Facebook and WhatNot, was caught trying to scam users out of money meant to be donated to charity.

After raising nearly $3,000 from 54 collectors, users of a Facebook Scammer group discovered what appeared to be doctored images of a GoFundMe receipt posted by SDN.

Turns out SDN only donated $5 each to charities St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and NFL player Damar Hamilin.

GoFundMe confirmed with a user of the Facebook group that the donations were only for $5.

SDN Sports Cards claims it was just a mistake and later donated the rest of the money.

After being called out, SDN Sports Cards posted to the scammer group that he had no comments other than “thanks for treating me like a criminal and fucking piece of shit.”

Here is the original post where SDN collected the money for charity.

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