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Mark Sapir
a.k.a "Hands Shaking"
Ex-Topps Employee
Case Details


Topps employee Mark Sapir sent a message to Sports Card Radio that read: “If I ever see you say anything negative about this company (Topps), especially on Twitter, I’ll cut you off for good.”

A few months later this guy came up to Ryan with his hands shaking at the Industry Summit looking to become buds. Ryan brushed him off. Several weeks later Sapir left Topps.

Was he fired or did he quit? You can decide. 


Mike Smeth
Ex-Cardboard Connection CEO
Case Details


On November 8, 2014, then Cardboard Connection owner Mike Smeth wrote Colin and Ryan:

"LOL I can't wait to see you at the next trading card event. I will even lend you some gas money!" 

Two years later, Sports Card Radio broke the EXCLUSIVE news that Smeth pled guilty to Aggravated Assault and Terroristic Threats. Smeth was sentenced to 5 years and 12 months, which will be served via probation.

During divorce proceedings, a court found Smeth was stealing money from Cardboard Connection, causing the website to miss payroll. A judge stripped Smeth of his ownership.

Smeth has recently been seen promoting drub rehab centers. Sports Card Radio hopes he can remain clean. 


Kevin Moodhe
a.k.a "Bad Moodhe"
Ex-Topps Employee


At the 2018 National Sports Collectors Convention, Ryan was taking pictures of 5x7 cards at the Topps booth when he was approached by employee Kevin Moodhe. 

Ryan had never met Moodhe before and attempted to greet Moodhe with a handshake that was denied.

Moodhe told Ryan to delete the pictures on his phone of the 5x7 cards, and instructed him to go into his trash file and delete them as well.

Ryan did not know how to delete pictures from his trash file and Moodhe had to instruct him. Coming off 6 months living in Las Vegas, Moodhe got a glimpse of the Vegas life as Ryan had to flip through all his images to get to the 5x7 Topps cards. 

Less than 12 months later Moodhe no longer works at Topps. Was he fired or did he quit? You can decide.

If this scrub resurfaces in the sports card world, we'll come looking for this bum again.


Kevin Isaacson
Dallas, Texas
Beckett Industry Summit


Sports Card Radio helped drive record attendance to the Industry Summit for consecutive years. The event even drew a lucrative "media sponsorship" from Smeth (see above). 

Isaacson though didn't like some of the "tweets" from the event and told Sports Card Radio to stop coming.

In recent years, attendance has plummeted. Topps and Upper Deck put on their own conference. Panini has stopped giving away lucrative "Black Boxes." And oh yeah, Kevin's name wasn't on the email promoting the 2019 event. 


Jon Rondolone
a.k.a "Broke Rondo"
a.k.a "MiniVan Flex"
Philadelphia, PA
Case Details


After Ryan flashed his Tesla on Facebook, Jon Ronolone lost his mind and showed a picture of a tricked up mini-van. In the rust belt that might be cool, but out on the west coast that's a waste of gas money. 

"Broke Rondo" sent numerous messages via Facebook that he'll meet the twins at the "Natty" and do something, but he appears to be all bark and no bite. After being put on the homepage of Sports Card Radio, things quickly got quiet. 


Nathan Wicihowski
Appleton, WI
Case Details


This breaker fanboy tried to come on and defend a buddy that ended up on the homepage of Sports Card Radio. He quickly got caught up in the action when he started talking about lawsuits and slit wrists.

This little puppy went silent after seeing his name and face on the homepage. 


Vonte Sezan

Vonte Sezan
Albenze Law, PLC
a.k.a "Lunch Pic"
Lorain, OH
Case Details


Another hater popped up on Facebook & hung around for a little while even after being put on the homepage of Sports Card Radio. 

Sezan claimed to work for an Ohio law firm. When Sports Card Radio inquired with the firm, turns out they had never heard of the guy.

Just another lying scrub.


Chris Gilmore
a.k.a "My Forum Sucks"
Buford, GA
Case Details


A mostly harmless website owner who seems to say the wrong things at the wrong time.

He popped up around the time of the Smeth scandal (see above), wanting Sports Card Radio to post the information on his forum. When rebuffed by one of the twins (Ryan), Gilmore sent a message to the other twin (Colin) wondering what the deal was. 

Gilmore later apologized to Ryan at The National for the encounter. 

10 months later, Gilmore returned again to nitpick a headline on one of Sports Card Radio's articles.

Just shut up already!

Any more words out of this guy and it's right back onto the homepage.


Jeremy Chavis
a.k.a "Fondler"
Mom's Basement


Poor guy has some Troy Glaus slabs and a couple Shawn Merriman jersey cards that he keeps as "investments." 

Every time there is a scandal in the hobby, Chavis runs to defend the accused scammer or card company. 

Despite trying to keep a low profile, a user sent this picture of Chavis which he denies is him. 

Is it him? Who knows. Who cares....


Stefan Otto
a.k.a "5 Finger Discount"
Case Details


Anyone heard of this clown since he was caught stealing cards on camera during a group break? Didn't think so. Case closed.


Jayson Kendrick
a.k.a "Bernie Bro"

This Bernie Sanders supporter came and ran his mouth on Sports Card Radio's Facebook page one night. Turns out that wasn't a safe space for him. 

All it takes is one comment and your name and face can be on the front page of Sports Card Radio. 

Looks like snowflakes melt when heat is applied. 


Brad Absher
a.k.a "Midwest Huckster"
Bowling Green, KY
Case Details

Just another card collector who gets worked up about the twins showing a Rolex (or two) on Facebook.

Poor guy still hasn't fixed the battery on daddy's Timex he inherited. It was the only thing daddy left poor Bradley. Hopefully he can get it fixed one day.


Jonathon Mead
a.k.a "Didn't Listen"


Bo Vance
a.k.a "Hello Kitty"
Winfield, WV

Bo clocked out of his regular job, logged into Facebook, and clocked in for free to defend Brian Gray one day.

Ever since card fondlers like Vance found out their slabs are trimmed, they've lost all hope in life. 


Peter Jones
a.k.a "Little Broke Pete"
Scrubville, USA
Case Details

Actually can't remember what Peter got triggered about, perhaps the Rolex or Tesla, but for weeks he would message Sports Card Radio on Facebook, "See you in court."


Jose Lucho Delgado
a.k.a "Never Skip a Meal"
Richmond, CA


Jose hangs around Sports Card Radio's Facebook page and typically gets triggered when the twins show the Rolex's, Benz or Tesla.

He appears mostly harmless, but is connected to fellow wanted list member Jim Gordon. 


Matt Collier
a.k.a "Boomo"
a.k.a "Kmart Greeter"
Lawrence, Kansas
Case Details


Boomo is a former Kmart greeter in Kansas. Not much more needs to be said. 

He is associated with fellow wanted list member David 'Gelf' Gelfman. 


Jim Gordon
a.k.a "10th Inning Baseball Cards"
Pinole, CA

This card shop owner decided to stick up for Jose "Never Skip a Meal" Delgado on multiple occasions and ended up on the most wanted list. 

Months prior, he would pop up on Sports Card Radio's Facebook page any time the twins posted a negative story about the card industry. 

After months of investigation, Gordon appears to be a mostly harmless shop owner who turns into a snowflake when there is even a whiff of controversy in the sports card world. 


Joe Toth
a.k.a "59 Year Old Virgin"
Fayetteville, NC
Case Details

This card collector appeared to get triggered one day over a post on Sports Card Radio's Facebook page. 

Toth even called and texted Sports Card Radio the day he was triggered. 

Guys, get off social media for awhile if you can't handle some heat. 


Joshua Schwengler
a.k.a "Stalker"
Minneapolis, MN
Case Details

This former Sports Card Radio fanboy went NUTS when the twins started posting content about card trimmers.

Schwengler even called the workplace of Colin's wife to complain! You can't make this stuff up.

Can you even spit in Minnesota during the winter? Sorry, the twins were born in California and don't know anything about being buried under snow for 8 months out of the year. 


Ryan S Wolf
a.k.a "Dad Bod"
Patchogue, NY
Case Details
Case Details II

This guy went NUTS on Facebook one day, perhaps because of a Rolex or Tesla picture.

He sent DM's to Sports Card Radio saying he wanted to meet up. Gross. We don't meet up with men. We suggest Ryan S Wolf set up a Grindr profile.  


Chad Ward
a.k.a "CA Sport Breaks"
a.k.a "Baby Breaker"
Modesto, CA

Just some no-name group breaker who got mad about something posted on Sports Card Radio's Facebook Page.


Daniel Busby
a.k.a "Horse & Busby"
Tulsa, OK
Case Details

This picture looks like it was taken in an orange jump suit inside some Oklahoma prison.

Then he mentioned bunk muffin on Facebook. Yikes. So gross he had to go up on the wanted list for awhile. 


Terry Gardner
a.k.a "Midwest Mistake"
Kansas City, MO

Guys like Terry come running to defend a buddy that's featured on the homepage of Sports Card Radio.

When a picture of him and his wife ends up on Sports Card Radio. Well, things go quiet real quick. 


Charlie Peterfeso
a.k.a "Triple Chin"
Lonsdale, MN
Case Details

Fat overweight white men come and defend their favorite sports card webcammer (aka group breaker) and then their wife gets featured and they shut the f**k up. 

Do you want to be next?


Jason Kasick
a.k.a "Snowflake"
Kansas City, MO
Case Details

Still waiting to be sued. Scrub.


Sam Smith
a.k.a "Cardsmiths Breaks"
Rocklin, CA
Case Details

After promoting known card trimmer and felon Will "One Touch" Jaimet, Smith has taken his group breaking business underground. You have to be apart of a special club and be approved to purchase from this scrub.


Marcelo Bushiazzo
a.k.a "MarcDownBreaks"
a.k.a "Pack Searcher?"
Barnegat, NJ
Case Details
Case Details II

This bum will run his mouth on occasion, but is a small time breaker that does real small volume.


a.k.a "A&N Sports Cards"
Chadwicks, NY
Case Details
Case Details II

Count 1: Lied on Twitter
Count 2: Conducts illegal raffles

More of a small time flipper, barely has a group break business. 


Kyle Rino
a.k.a "Monster Breaks"
San Tan Valley, AZ
Case Details

Count 1: Conducts illegal raffles

Small group breaker. I might have more product laying around my house than this guy breaks in a week.

Nathan Burns
a.k.a "Grand Slam Collectibles"
Murfreesboro, TN
Case Details
Case Details II
Case Details III
Case Details IV

Just a dude who owns a card shop in the middle of nowhere and occasionally gets drunk and runs his mouth. 

Michael Fruitman
a.k.a "Fruit Cake"
Aurora, CO
Case Details
Case Details II

Weird, creepy shop owner from Colorado who likes to approach me at card events thinking I want to talk to him for some reason. 

Shawn Barker
a.k.a "Ball Corporation"
a.k.a "Big Dog"
Denver, CO
Case Details

Weird that a guy with a high profile company would run his mouth to some sports card bloggers, but here we are. Associates with Mike Fruitman. 

Josh Cade
a.k.a. "Card Father X"
Chandler, TX
Case Details

One of the all-time legendary takedowns by Sports Card Radio. Josh claimed to be a big time group breaker and was upset at the twins for calling out his illegal activities.

He begged for an interview and it turned bizarre when Josh said, "You know when you see a boy, and you think its a girl, but you don't know if it's a boy or a girl?" 

Josh never made it in the sports card world and was eventually driving for Uber. 

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