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Show #220: Trimmed Slabs & @RippingWax Lawsuit Response

Colin & Ryan make a RARE DUAL in studio appearance. 

With private security flanking the door, the twins light into the recent trimmed, fake & altered graded cards by PSA or BGS.

> Documented Trimmed Slabs

60% of you don't have a $1,000 saved in your bank account but 100% of you might have trimmed slabs. 

The 'Midget from Miami' has threatened a lawsuit against Sports Card Radio. We respond to him and his low rent South Beach lawyer. 

> Miami Midget Lawsuit

While you guys keep chasing pictures on grown men, Colin just scooped a new Rolex Daytona and Ryan's 30th match on Bumble just slid into the Tesla. 

And oh yeah, GET BACK to WORK..... SCRUBS!

Show #219: Huge @GaryVee Impact – Heroes of Sport Group Break & Trimming Scam + More +

Colin and Ryan both sit down and discuss the potential huge impact of Gary Vee and the prospect of him starting a card content website.

A massive group break and card trimming scam has landed on Heroes of Sport doorstep. It's so massive, it broke traffic records to the twin brothers million dollar website! Cha-Ching!

The NFL Draft is discussed.

Tiger Woods f***ing won the Masters b***hes! 


......or at least show me how your mom's basement is furnished. SCRUBS!

Show #217 Buy-Sell-Hold + Zion + NFL Talk + More

On today's topic, we talk a lot about a sport that isn't in season right now: the NFL.

 We've got Buy-Sell-Hold NFL QB edition (15:00 Start Time).

Then I talk about Zion Williamson, and the scenarios that could happen next year depending on which card company he decides to sign with (58:00 Time Start).


I talk briefly about the NFL draft, which I don't think will be as good as 2018 was (1:16:40 Start Time).

Vlad Jr was chucking his autograph cards from Panini in a cardboard box! Was the video clip we saw the full story? (1:26:00 Time Start).

Topps keeps coming up with some new ideas, now we have Topps Now Futures.

Finally I discuss how you can make 2019 your best year ever.