Topps Employee Accused In Consignment Scam

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A current Topps employee is being accused of running off with customer cards from a prior consignment business.

Richard Zangrillo, a memorabilia coordinator for Topps, previously ran LVBK Collectibles, a consignment business that sold sports cards on eBay.

LVBK Collectibles shut down in September 2022 and many customers are still waiting to get back cards meant for consignment.

Sports Card Radio has heard from several collectors who fear Zangrillo will never return cards belonging to them.

Many well known names in the hobby used Zangrillo’s consignment service but have yet to come out publicly.

We reached out to Zangrillo and he says there are roughly 7,000 cards still owed to customers. He hopes to begin shipping them out soon.

He blames the delay primarily on moving across country in September 2022, which according to him, has prevented him from returning cards.

Zangrillo told Sports Card Radio he wants to make sure people get their rightful possessions back.

He says his communication with buyers and sellers “could have definitely been better.”

One prior customer of LVBK Collectibles, who wants to remain anonymous, says Zangrillo “ghosted” him and that Zangrillo is a pathological liar and “the best con artist I’ve ever come across.”

A second anonymous customer of LVBK Collectibles is reportedly preparing legal action against Zangrillo.

Recent eBay feedback for LVBK Collectibles hasn’t been good. Buyers are claiming cards they purchased were never shipped.

We’ve offered to help Zangrillo in any way possible, and hope for a resolution where everyone is made whole.

We will discuss the situation on our live stream tonight. Join us.

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  • if you guys have any further questions I was one of the people who was scammed horribly I have tons of evidence text messages between me and him he’s a complete liar and scum bag

  • Lol. I’m actually shocked this slob had a job. Most insufferable person on Clubhouse, perhaps the world. What a loser.

  • Scamgrillo is a triple threat. Shitty person, not very smart, and extremely lazy.

    He couldn’t empty a cup full of water if the instructions were on the bottom.

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