Sports Card Gossip: Attack of The Influencer Bots

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While not anything new, bots are being used to get the best cards off the Panini Rewards website.

Sadly not much can be done. Shopping bots are not illegal unless used to purchase concert or sports tickets.

Ticketmaster once kicked me off their website, accusing me of using bots to purchase large quantities of NFL parking passes.

At the time I was one of the largest buyers on their fan to fan exchange.

After I tweeted the CEO and invited him to come watch me buy tickets, without the use of bots, the company restored my account the next day.

He probably just didn’t want to come to Stockton.

Cardboard47 and Rotoradar are being accused of running a large re-pack scam on WhatNot.

Apparently a $20,000 “jackpot” for buying into a break was only a Bones Hyland 1/1.

Hush money was reportedly offered on Discord to keep people from complaining to the public.

Elite Card Grading sent this letter out to customers who still had cards at the company office.

Picture: Facebook

Many hobby heroes, including PPP legend Geoff Wilson, have autographs in 2023 Topps Big League Baseball.

While many are hoping we rip Topps/Fanatics for this, let’s be real.

I don’t buy unopened product but if I did, it probably wouldn’t be Big League.

Topps will make you your own card if you’re jealous.

I’ve had several missed opportunities to be in a Topps set myself. At the first two Topps Transcendent parties, one prize was a card in the Topps Allen & Ginter set. The odds were good, about a 1:50 chance to win.

Even if I had won, Blowout Cards Tom Fish was offering $10,000 for it, so I would have happily taken his money.

If I recall correctly, Nathan Burns, a group breaker associated with Heroes of Sport, paid $30,000 to get his card into Allen & Ginter.

Topps put some Hidden Gems cards in 2023 Topps Series 1 Baseball that were 1:38,127 packs to pull one.

But it turns out you may have already seen them before.

There has been some chatter about Twitter & Instagram accounts “stealing” card photos and not giving credit to the owners of the card.

Those accounts should scroll through our old Facebook pictures for fresh content.

I’m not sure who owns this card, but I took a picture of it at a card show in 2015.

You can post it online without giving us credit if you want.

Picture Credit: Sports Card Radio

Keep hearing from every Fanatics boot licker that they have “big things planned” but nothing exciting ever drops.

At some point the story becomes what’s the hold up.

Bought a Jack Kemp card for $15.60 on PWCC and then sold it for $49.99 on eBay in the same week.

With vaults you never have to physically touch, scan or ship the card yourself, but can still list tons of cards on eBay.

Collectors can’t figure out why anyone would use a vault, they want to hold, sleep with and fondle their cards.

The vaults for me, essentially become free or low cost employees. And are quite literally a dream come true.

Someone paid us $150 to post this article on our website today.

This website is the gift that keeps on giving.

I’ve only posted 27 videos to my Beanie Babies YouTube page and 3 of them have more views than anything ever done on Sports Card Radio.

Imagine how many views my website about them has gotten over the years.

We create a lot of content on topics we don’t actually care about over here.

The page you’re on is a good example.

Keep that in mind when consuming our sports card content.

FYI those are Peace and Glory bears featured in the new promo for Ken Goldin’s Netflix series “King of Collectibles.

More smoke percolating about a Topps employee doing some scamming. We may have an update soon.

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  • I remember having trouble finding a graphics card (built my PC) because people were using bots to snatch them up as they were being restocked.

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